iTranslate Studio

iTranslate Studio is an expert translation agency specialising in proving accurate and reliable translation services. With many years working with a variety of clients, from Albania, we have developed a translation process, which not only guarantees high accuracy and fast turnaround times, but also competitive pricing and special offers for our clients.

Translation is an art requiring unique skills that go far beyond simply knowing a second language. As a professional language translation agency, we only work with linguists with the highest work ethics. Our translators are not only native speakers of your target language, but also have a first-hand experience within your particular business sector, whether its legal, marketing, medical or technical area. We understand that a conversation between two lawyers will be completely different to the one between two doctors, and our linguists ensure that any sector specific lingo or jargon is translated accurately and reliably.

Similarly, we always make sure that our translation services are carefully localised specifically for the area of the world you intend to address with your material. Surely, Albanian spoken in in Albania is slightly different to the one spoken in Kosovo, alike French for the French market is different to Canadian French.

We understand that accuracy, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing without affecting the high quality of our translations are some of the most important aspects and qualities our clients expect from us, regardless the size of their project. Therefore, we invest heavily and continuously in the latest translation software and technology as well as our staff and linguists in order to ensure that your documents are always translated by the most talented and experienced translators and interpreters with the help of most sophisticated translation software.

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