Interpreters for meetings and events, conferences and all kinds of events

Sales meetings, visits, training sessions, press releases, trade fairs, congresses…

1. Face-to-face consecutive interpretation

The speaker talks first, and immediately after the interpreter translates what the speaker has said. Consecutive interpretation for meetings, courses, press releases, etc.

What is consecutive interpretation?

An interpretation is called “consecutive” when the speaker pauses after every sentence or two, allowing sufficient time for the interpreter to translate these sentences. The interpreter is next to the speaker and both of the talk in turns, but in a fluid manner.


Interpretation for business meetings, events, etc.

Consecutive interpretation is the most common interpreting service, as it’s used for business meetings, commercial visits, technical visits, presentations, courses and training sessions, press releases, etc.
Prices for consecutive interpretation

The cost of an interpretation depends on the language and schedule.

2. Liason interpretation

Suitable for more informal meetings between a smaller number of people,
or perhaps as a chaperone for someone visiting a country whose language they do not speak.

What is liason interpretation?

In liason interpretation the interpreter accompanies the client throughout the entire interpretation, translating anything that is needed: visits, dealings, documentation, meetings, lunches, etc. The interpreter physically accompanies the client and consecutively translates for the client and other party.

Interpretation for visits and events

Liason interpretation is used quite often when welcoming a foreign partner, client or distributor who is in the country for meetings, visits, trainings, etc. The interpreter covers all of the client’s linguistic needs during the stay.

3. Simultaneous interpretation

Behind-the-scenes, real-time interpreting for conferences and high-level official talks.
Conference rooms equipped with interpretation booths and headphones for the audience.

What is simultaneous interpretation?

In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter translates as the speaker is talking, in a simultaneous manner. The interpreter translates using headphones and a microphone, from a booth with a view of the stage where the speaker is talking.

Interpretation for conferences

Simultaneous interpretation is restricted to conferences. It requires that the room be fitted with an interpretation booth and with headphones for the interpreter, the speaker and the entire audience. This type of interpretation is very demanding, as interpreters rest every two hours or work in pairs and take turns.


– Sales meeting

– Legal meeting

– Training sessions


– Trade fairs and events

– Business lunches

– Visits to companies


– Presentations

– Cocktails

– Sporting events


– Press releases

– Conferences

– Congresses

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