Subtitling Services

The subtitles are the text overlaid on the film and they contain the translation of the dialogue and texts of sound films or other audio-video sources. Subtitling is necessary when the majority of the target audience for which the media material is intended does not understand the spoken dialogue or cannot hear it. It is also necessary when dubbing the material is not cost efficient or when the styles do not match.

iTranslate Studio provides subtitling services for dialogues of TV shows, films, audio recording and so on.

The translators who handle the subtitling projects should have strong skills of synthesizing the dialogues, considering that there are very few cases in which the physical size of the translated text is similar to that of the target text.  Experience and knowledge are key attributes in identifying the necessary idioms, synonyms and abbreviations, so that the subtitles reach the physical size to fit the space intended for the subtitles.  The translators should also be able to correctly render the meaning of the dialogues and preserve the meaning of the source text.