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Translation is the process of transferring written text from one language into another. Anything that is written can be translated: advertisements, books, games software, legal documents, websites, film subtitles etc. Translators work either in-house (as employee of an organization) or freelance.

We are one of the leading and fastest growing translation agencies based in Tirana and we guarantee the highest standards of quality and security of our work. Our translation agency offers translations and interpreting services to clients based in Tirana as well as businesses operating internationally. Here, at iTranslate Studio, we pride ourselves not only in the quality and accuracy of our work, but also in providing excellent customer care and the wide array and diversity of our customers. Our translation services have been trusted by and helped some of the world’s largest organizations as well as local businesses. The professional approach we follow means that you will be met with a service tailored specifically to your requirements, regardless the size of the project.

As an agency, we guarantee fast turnaround times without compromising on quality – the language translation and interpreting services we offer are always fast, accurate and professional, without exceptions. Our services cover, but are not limited to:

  • Translation Services of written material
  • Industry Specific translations
  • Legally Certified Translations
  • Translation & Localisation services
  • Proofreading services
  • Multilingual Transcription & Transcreation
  • Subtitling, Voiceovers & Media translations

Our professional approach to translation services allowed us to become a leading language interpretation and translation agency in Tirana. Having the opportunity of working with some of the world’s largest and leading brands, which trusted us and our expertise, allowed us to improve our services and customer care. Therefore, we’re here for you from the moment you visit our website, through the translation process itself and to making sure everything is just perfect even after we deliver your documents.

Such approach to our job means that we work only with the most talented and experienced translators and account managers who have a first-hand knowledge not only in language translation and interpreting services, but also in their given business fields, such as legal, marketing or technical. Our professional linguists are native speakers, degree qualified. By doing this, we certify that every document, sentence and word that we work on is translated and localized to fully reflect its original meaning.

We are able to work only with the most talented and experienced professional translators who understand and share our core values – Professionalism, Accuracy and Reliability.

Native Albanian translators from Albania

A good translation into Albanian should never seem like a translation. It must be accurate, elegant and precise, but it must read as if it had been written in that language.

100% native translators

All our translations into Albanian are always carried out by 100% native Albanian translators, working in the mother tongue, and who are completely fluent in the source languages, English, French, German, Italian etc

We make possible our clients global success through language globalization by providing perfect solutions, great value, and unequaled service